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BANKING STRATEGY – providing strategic consulting services to banks and other financial institutions in Africa. We make use of economics-based problem solving models to gain deep insight into the challenges facing these institutions, and to develop strategies for them. Some of our more popular solutions are Stress Testing Models, Anti Money Laundering Programmes, Credit Extension Strategies, and Risk Management.

TRADE FACILITATION & EXPORT DEVELOPMENT – providing strategic consulting service to clients who want to expand their markets, both domestically and internationally. Our TREE GROWTH ™ programme clearly articulates the necessary steps needed to effectively develop a successful export strategy. Many of our international clients based in the US, UAE and the Far East have successfully partnered with us in developing a ‘route to market’ strategy, creating a footprint into Africa while using South Africa as the base. Popular solutions in the suite include Due Diligence Reports, Country Reports, Net Benefit Analysis, Economic Impacts and Feasibility Studies.

MACROECONOMIC MODELS – We pride ourselves in building sophisticated quantitative models that helps our clients forecast variables. All models are academically tested and validated before they are handed over to clients. Clients also receive adequate 'hands-on' training regarding these models. Within this suite of services, the more popular offerings include Demand Estimation Models, Economic Impacts Models, Price Elasticity Models, and Time Series Analysis.

LOCAL ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT (LED) - Providing advice on projects that contribute to local economic development. These include determining the necessary conditions for local economic growth and employment, and assessing their effects in terms of social and economic infrastructure development.  Popular services include Supply and Use Techniques (SUT) and Social Accounting Matrix (SAM).



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