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Sun Management Solutions also has extensive experience of implementing and managing Quantitative and Qualitative market research projects within various industry sectors (both local and abroad). We specialize in both consumer and B2B markets. Sun Management Solutions offer a wide range of market research solutions to our clients and some of the more common solutions are:

-    Quantitative Research (Regression Analysis, Forecasting, etc)
-    Research Design
-    Face-to-Face Interviewing (In-Home / Street / In-Store)
-    Telephone Interviewing
-    Online Research
-    In Depth Interviews / Expert Analysis
-    Focus Groups/Group Discussions

Brand Tracker Studies – Brand Tracker studies are time series research that tracks the health of a brand over a period of time. The clients brand is mapped against competetive brands to check if the brand has grown/receded over time.

Brand Equity - coupled with Brand tracker is the concept of Brand Equity which indicates the value of a particular brand at a point in time.

Segmentation-we also provide a comprehensive and complete segmentation service which helps clients firstly segment their target markets, and secondly tailor their product offerings for the targeted segments.


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