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We provide public courses and in-company training in all aspects of management, personal development, finance, banking, and sales and marketing. We have clients both in the public and private sectors and tailor our training courses to suit our client’s needs. We enjoy long term partnerships with all of our current clients and always willing to assist new clients.

Part of our success to date is ensuring that we provide our clients with the highest quality of trainers. Trainers are handpicked and have to demonstrate advanced knowledge of the course material. All of our trainers have worked as senior managers in various industries over the years, and thus are academically sound, yet not overtly pedantic.

In this regard, Sun Management Solutions have created a suite
of products specifically designed to address client needs.Our courses are tailor made for specific clients, but some of our more popular course are:-

  • Strategy Planning & Development
  • Project Management
  • Risk Evaluation & Management
  • Change/Transformation Management
  • Financial Management (Budgeting and Monitoring)
  • Banking (Stress Testing, Anti Money Laundering, Fraud Management)
  • Quantitative Financial Modelling (Forecasting, Capital Budgeting, Trade Analysis, Economic Scenario Testing, Regression Analysis, etc)
  • Human Resources (Leadership, Mentoring and Coaching)


   Training Courses

  Budgeting and Forecasting Using Excel

  Anti-Money Laundring and Banking Fraud.

  The 10 Day MBA Programme.

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